Link for Placing Your Order for Free At-Home COVID-19 Tests

Here is the link for placing your order for free at-home COVID-19 tests. The order is done through the US Post Office. Each order will include 4 tests but there is a limit of 1 order per residential address. It may be good to have some tests on hand to be used as needed until this pandemic is over.

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Happy Birthday to Robert!

Happy Birthday to Robert for being such a great asset to the office! A nice relaxing evening away from the office. He is enjoying Lawry’s extra big cut of prime rib! Bon Appetit!

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Basic Brushing Tip #2

How to Make Brushing 2X Daily a Habit

Now how do we get you to brush 2X daily? It is the same with changing any habit and will not be easy at first. It will require a conscious commitment to doing it 2X a day for at least 2 weeks. 

How I learned to do it was I posted a note on my bathroom mirror and crossed off each time I brushed. Seeing the note right in front of you will remind you to do it. So if you commit to doing it for 2 weeks at a minimum, then you will be able to get into the habit. You will need to do it even if you are tired and just want to go to bed. No excuses. Just try it and see what happens. You should find that after 2 weeks you will automatically just start doing it without thinking. 

Happy Brushing!

Here is a link for a brushing schedule you can use. It is the same one I used to get into the brushing habit.

Brushing Schedule

Brushing Schedule

Week 1                                                                     Week 2

M                       AM               PM                              M                       AM               PM

Tu                       AM               PM                             Tu                      AM               PM

Wed                    AM               PM                             Wed                   AM               PM

Th                       AM               PM                             Th                       AM               PM

Fri                       AM               PM                              Fri                      AM               PM

Sat                      AM               PM                             Sat                      AM               PM

Sun                     AM               PM                             Sun                     AM               PM




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Basic Brushing Tip #1

Brush Your Teeth At Least Twice Per Day
Just brushing your teeth twice daily instead of once a day really helps improve your oral health dramatically as I have seen in my patients. Master toothbrushing first until it becomes a habit. Then it will be much easier to add flossing and perhaps other dental aids later as needed. 

  1. AM    In the morning when you wake up or after eating breakfast, whatever works for you. It is important for you to remove the sticky plaque that has formed while you were sleeping. The bacteria in the plaque do not sleep and keep growing 24/7. Since there is very little saliva flow when asleep, the saliva just pools and your mouth doesn’t get flushed out like when you are awake and active.
  2. PM   Before you go to bed, you want to remove any plaque that has formed during the day and any food particles which will break down and feed the bacteria.

 * Remember: Brush the teeth you want to keep!

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Is The Sonicare Toothbrush For You?

My favorite toothbrush is the Sonicare electric toothbrush by Philips. I personally use it and highly recommend it. I was not initially convinced that an electric toothbrush would clean that much better than manual brushing as I felt I brushed thoroughly. But I was wrong. Several years ago, I finally decided to test out a Sonicare to see what all the hype was about. After giving it a try for a few days, I was sold. I did not like the vibration at first. I got used to it after a few days, especially after I realized how effective it was at removing plaque. It was amazing. The brush head moves at such a fast pace that you could never move your hand or wrist to move it as many times in such a short time. My teeth feel glassy smooth after brushing now.

However to get the full benefit and the cleanest result, I would recommend using it for the full 2-minute cycle with gentle pressure.

The method I use is:

  1. Wet the brush head.
  2. Set it on the clean setting. 
  3. Brush the biting surfaces first.
  4. Then slowly move it back and forth at the gumline areas on both the inner and outside surfaces of the teeth.
  5. Finally, move the brush up and down the sides of the teeth.

The full 2 minutes will allow plenty of time to brush thoroughly. Do it slowly and even go back over areas that you may tend to miss. The result will be very clean and glassy smooth teeth! The Sonicare really does all the work for you. You just need to guide it.

I find that most patients tend to brush too fast and miss areas. Also, they tend to brush too hard. Just remember to brush slower and make sure your brush touches every surface that you want clean.

As for which model to buy, that is entirely up to you as they all work great. I find that the basic model works fine as I mainly just use the clean setting to do the 2-minute brushing. You may want to try the more expensive models with all the bells and whistles. However, I found after having a model with all the extras that I really just used the clean setting.

When I travel, I pack my Sonicare. Patients have told me that even when they have traveled for up to 3 weeks, a Sonicare will hold its charge. The length of time of holding a charge may depend on the model that you have and how old it is. I just can’t leave home without it.

FYI Using the Sonicare does not mean you don’t have to floss. Flossing at least once a day, preferably twice a day, is still recommended to get the cleanest mouth. How you clean between your teeth where the toothbrush cannot reach is by flossing. You will find that the Sonicare does create sonic waves that will tend to flush out some food particles that are between the teeth but it cannot remove the plaque that is there. Plaque is sticky and has to be physically removed.

Happy Brushing!

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