Basic Brushing Tip #1

Brush Your Teeth At Least Twice Per Day
Just brushing your teeth twice daily instead of once a day really helps improve your oral health dramatically as I have seen in my patients. Master toothbrushing first until it becomes a habit. Then it will be much easier to add flossing and perhaps other dental aids later as needed. 

  1. AM    In the morning when you wake up or after eating breakfast, whatever works for you. It is important for you to remove the sticky plaque that has formed while you were sleeping. The bacteria in the plaque do not sleep and keep growing 24/7. Since there is very little saliva flow when asleep, the saliva just pools and your mouth doesn’t get flushed out like when you are awake and active.
  2. PM   Before you go to bed, you want to remove any plaque that has formed during the day and any food particles which will break down and feed the bacteria.

 * Remember: Brush the teeth you want to keep!

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